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Thursday, May 17, 2007

Sister Act

From the website of the D. G. Yuengling Brewing Co., the future of the company is largely in the hands of the four daughters of Dick Yuengling, Jr. The four Yuengling family women will represent the sixth generation of family operation of America's Oldest Brewery.

From its founding in 1829, by a combination of growth and attrition, Yuengling is now the 6th largest brewing company in the nation. From its three breweries in Pottsville, PA; Port Carbon/St. Clair, PA; and Tampa, FL - Yuengling produces a little under 1.5 million barrels of beer and ale per year, for their Eastern Seaboard (New York to Florida) + Alabama markets.

They are not in Georgia currently, but rumor has it that they will be here in the Fall. We have been waiting for years.

This reprinted New York Times article tells the story of their long journey from one of many local Pennsylvania breweries to a survivor that almost didn't make it to a new, risky growth plan that included the new brewery in Port Carbon/St. Clair and purchasing the old Schlitz/Stroh brewery in Tampa, FL.

Yuengling Traditional Lager is their flagship brand, accounting for more than half of their sales. Yuengling Porter and Lord Chesterfield Ale were two of the brands that tided us over before the days of microbreweries.

So if you live in their distribution area, why not pass on by the national brands and imports and try a bit of American brewing history?
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