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Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Dixie Beer Update

I managed to miss this, but in December 2006, a deal was reached for the Joseph Huber Brewing Co. of Monroe, WI to contract brew Dixie, Dixie Amber Light, and Dixie Blackened Voodoo. Plans are for these beers to be available in time for Mardi Gras.

The owners of Dixie Brewing Co., according to the article (link will be furnished later), plan on being back in production in New Orleans, later in the year, with new equipment to replace that which was stolen after Hurricane Katrina.

I Don't Know Why...

but Valentine's Day just makes me think of Ballantine Ale. Strange isn't it?

Here is a website for all things Ballantine and there are links giving hints as to where Ballantine Ale and a few other historic brands are sold. Ballantine Ale is now contract brewed by Miller, but some folks agree that the taste hasn't changed, while a few others think that it has. I won't worry with that detail right now.

In Georgia, Ballantine Ale can be bought in Savannah and Brunswick. In South Carolina, it can be had in the Greenville area.

When time allows, I will write more on the subject of Ballantine Ale.

Pittsburgh Brewing Co. Gets an Extension...

on its Chapter 11 filing date, according to this article. Three more weeks from the time of the article. There is a lot of history here in the Iron City Beer, Falls City Beer, and other beer brands brewed in Pittsburgh.

From the article:

"Pittsburgh Brewing Acquisition LLC, an investment group led by private equity fund manager John Milne of Westport, Conn., plans to take over the brewery and invest about $7 million to modernize it."

Let's wish them luck and maybe pick up a six pack of Iron City Beer or Falls City Beer in the meantime.

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