I blog primarily over at "geosciblog" (http://geosciblog.blogspot.com), I am doing this one for fun. It is inspired by 30+ years of beer can collecting and having tried more than 3,000 different American beers during that time. “. . . And beer was drunk with reverence, as it ought to be.” — G. K. Chesterton

Tuesday, June 06, 2006

A Recap of Growth for Spoetzl Brewing Co. for 2005

The Shiner family of products seemed to do well in calendar year 2005, according to this article posted on the Shiner Beer website.

To follow-up on the Shiner 96 that debuted last fall, there will be a different Shiner 97 this year.

Hope things continue to go well for the last of the original Texas breweries, as they count down towards their centennial in 2009.

Sunday, June 04, 2006

Anheuser Busch Buys the Rolling Rock Label

[Sorry that I have been remiss in posting on this blog lately.]

From Realbeer.com, comes news that Anheuser Busch has purchased the Rolling Rock brand for $82 million from InBev Labatts and is planning on moving production from the Latrobe Brewery to the A-B plant at Newark, NJ.

Current plans do not call for A-B to purchase the actual brewery in Latrobe, though the families of workers are begging them to do so, this letter is posted on the Realbeer.com blog. It might not hurt for the public to get involved with a polite campaign. Rolling Rock is a historic brand, it used to be one of the beers that we made "beer runs" for when I went to Georgia Southern back in the 1970s, before the days of microbreweries.

If A-B could be persuaded to purchase the brewery also, hopefully it would turn out to be beneficial, as with the Miller purchase of Leinenkugel's back in the 1980s.

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