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Monday, November 06, 2006

Dixie Done It First!

Well, at least years before the mega-breweries payed attention. A chocolate-flavored dessert beer. Back in the 1990's, Dixie Brewing Co. produced Dixie White Moose Beer, which featured a combination of natural and artificial chocolate flavorings. And among it's unusual characteristics, the chocolate flavor became more intense when the beer was aged. Usually flavors mellow during aging (as in storing bottles in a dark room at moderated temperatures). It was sold in South Carolinia for a while, perhaps in Georgia, too, but I hadn't seen it in a number of years, prior to Katrina.

WND has a linked article about the new Michelob Celebrate Chocolate Beer, which should be on sale around the holidays. Miller is also doing a chocolate-flavored beer.

With Dixie Brewing Co. still down after Katrina, I doubt that, even is Dixie Lager is being contract-brewed, the more exotic Dixie White Moose may be a footnote in brewing history. Here is a linked-article about some of Dixie's "doings" in the years before Katrina. Here is another article about Dixie Brewing Co.

Here is a recipe that calls for Dixie White Moose.

The "Where Y'at" article has more info on the situation with Dixie. Including this passage:

"...Before the hurricane, the brewery was clear from financial debt and producing nearly 50,000 barrels of Dixie beer annually, including specialty brews that many locals may not have heard of. Dixie never had much of an advertising budget, but their specialty beers have made their claim nationwide."

Just so ya'll would know!
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