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Wednesday, October 18, 2006

A Little Oktoberfest History...

is on tap over at Beerme Blog, which I found by way of The Right Place Blog's recent photocaption contest, where I scored an Honorable Mention. [Cross-posted over at geosciblog]

I will be linking to some of Beerme's posts, from time to time, for your reading pleasure, if you wish. And I will add a few of Beerme's links to my list over at Beer Can Blog.

Now if you enjoy a glass of fine ale or beer from time to time, doesn't the Oktoberfest Celebration (and German beer in general) seem to be something that the Germans should be standing up and defending from the Muslim cultural onslaught?

For all the criticisms that we level towards the French, they do make good wine. Isn't that worth defending from the Muslim hordes? Maybe if their pubs are sufficiently threatened, the British will rise up and defend their traditions of fine ales, porters, and stouts. During WWII, some of Sir Winston Churchill's bravado may have been partially fueled by ale, port - well, whatever works.

If Britain had not won the Battle of Britain, our liberation of Europe would have been very difficult, in not impossible without Britain as an ally and the British Isles as a staging area for the Normandy Invasion. During the 21st century cultural wars, will Britain be the sole holdout for Western values, if only to defend their booze (they don't seem to be doing a good job of defending their churches)?
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