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Tuesday, July 25, 2006

Updates From the Land of Pleasant Living

I haven't visited the National Bohemian blog as I should have recently, but it is painful to read about my favorite cheap beer if I can't buy it.

But there was a post from earlier this spring stating that National Bohemian was on sale again at Camden Yard, in Baltimore at kiosks and at Camden Club in the stadium. Cans are available at the kiosks, but at a cost of $5 per can. Ouch! But it is nice to see that bit of brewing history being kept alive by the Lion Brewing Co. of Wilkes Barre, PA.

I recall getting a cup of draft Natty Boh from a kiosk in Washington, DC, while visiting there in 1986.
how's it going beer man?
best us beer= riverwest stein (all malt amber lager) made by LAKEFRONT BREWERY in milwaukee, wi

also, for yuor daily dose of ridiculousness, checkout my blog:

It's going OK. Thanks for dropping by.

I don't get to travel much, but if I ever see the Riverwest Stein somewhere, I will try it.

Thanks for the tip.
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