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Monday, July 31, 2006

The Lazy Magnolia Brewing Co.

While doing some volunteer work in the New Orleans area, I had the chance to visit a friend in Diamondhead, MS. I asked him about a local microbrewery, Lazy Magnolia at Kiln, MS.

They survived Hurricane Katrina, though they lost one of their loyal customers, Warren Fuller, to a heart attack after the hurricane. Warren and his wife Midge have been regulars at many of our regional beer can shows for years. There is a touching tribute to Warren on the brewery website. Warren and Midge had sought out the brewery and were the first to tour the brewery.

My friend Paul showed me some of the Lazy Magnolia offerings at a local grocery store. They are using small draft dispenser called a Party Pig that holds the equivalent of a case of beer. I didn't have the cash to purchase one of the Party Pigs nor did I have a way to bring it back in someone else's packed van. But my friend had heard that the brewery had won some awards, so it might be worth your while to give a look for Lazy Magnolia products if in Southern Mississippi.

Also while in the general area, you could visit the Abita Brewing Co., at Abita Springs, LA. They are celebrating their 20th anniversary with a special pilsener beer. [Update: My friend Neal sez the anniversary pilsener is one of the best beers ever made by Abita. If it is still on store shelves when I next get a paycheck, I will give it a try.]
Man, I have been remiss in my reading. The four beers that I have had from Lazy Magnolia have all been pretty good. My favorite is the Blue Heron, but they all go down smooth. And they have a pretty big following here in Jackson.
Hey Two Dogs!

In your neck of the woods, do they just have draft and the Party Pigs? In other words, do they have 12 oz. bottles, yet?

How was their Pecan Nut Brown Ale?

I haven't yet had any Mississippi-brewed beers, hope I can try some of the Lazy Magnolia brands sometime.

The other states from which I haven't had beer yet are Nevada, Utah, Kansas, South Dakota, Delaware(?), New Hampshire, and West Virginia.
I'm from Long Beach, Ms and have been drinking Lazy Magnolia beer for a while now. The Southern Pecan is my favorite and pretty amazing. I've never tasted anything like it before and its worth a road trip to the south to try. The tour at the brewery, which is at the Stennis Airport, was small and fun. It's the start of a brewing dynasty in Mississippi.
That's good. Ya'll need to do your part to help Mississippi establish a brewing history, as they ain't had much of one until the recent past.
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