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Friday, July 08, 2005

Some of My Favorite Texas Beer Cans

Falstaff - The subject of a future post (soon), they had a brewery in El Paso (1957-1967), also had a Galveston Brewery until about 1978.
Golden Grain - brewed by Mitchell's, the local El Paso brewery, may have been a store brand, as it was later brewed by a California brewery after Mitchell's closed.
Grand Prize - Gulf Brewing Co., owned by Howard Hughes, closed in the mid to late 1950s.
Hamms - bought the brewery from Howard Hughes, operated it for a few years.
Lone Star - was a part of Texas lore from about the 1940s until Stroh closed the brewery in the early 1990s (gasp, my memory is starting to fade, need more beer...). Now brewed by Miller at Fort Worth. The silver can is Lone Star Draft.
Mitchell's - the local El Paso brewery, built on the site of the old pre-Prohibition El Paso Brewing Assoc., operated until about 1957, when Harry Mitchell sold the brewery to Falstaff.
Pearl - opened in 1886, operated until perhaps a couple of years ago, was also part of Texas lore for decades. Now brewed by Miller at Fort Worth. My keg parties in El Paso were always Pearl keg parties. I remember a bar in El Paso that served Pearl until about 1979 and they sold 16 oz. draft glasses for 30 cents.
Shiner - from the Spoetzl Brewery, last original Texas brewery, still in business, owned by the company that imports Corona. I once hauled a pony keg of Shiner Beer from Shiner, Texas to Atlanta for a party (while going home to visit family during the summer). I spent more money on ice than on the beer.
Southern Select - Galveston-Houston Brewing Co., it may have been the brewery that later became the Falstaff Brewery in Galveston, will have to check on that one. The can on the left is called a crowntainer.
Time - a conetop from a short-lived Dallas brewery.

Some good ones that are missing include Bluebonnet, a conetop from Dallas, and Travis, a very rare conetop from San Antonio.
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