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Tuesday, July 12, 2005

My Last Bottle of Dogwood Imperial Porter

Dogwood Brewing Company, one of my local favorites went out of business a few months ago and I put aside a small stash of their new Imperial Porter and last night I finished my last bottle. Sweet memories. Before they closed, I got to try a "short-fill" bottle of their barleywine, which never made it to market. It was very smooth, without the bite that many barleywines have.

I wonder what happened to the rest of those bottles? They were sitting in the brewery, awaiting labels. I may have a few bottles of their stout left in the back of my pantry (out of the light), so there may be a few more memories left.

For those not familiar, an imperial porter is dark like a stout, but without as much of the bitterness of a stout. Flying Dog Gonzo Imperial Porter (honoring Hunter S. Thompson) is similar and is also good, as are most of the Flying Dog products. It is just that their bottle labels, designed by Ralph Steadman are illustrative of what happens to someone that stayed in the mindset of the 1970s a little too long. Posted by Picasa
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