I blog primarily over at "geosciblog" (http://geosciblog.blogspot.com), I am doing this one for fun. It is inspired by 30+ years of beer can collecting and having tried more than 3,000 different American beers during that time. “. . . And beer was drunk with reverence, as it ought to be.” — G. K. Chesterton

Tuesday, July 19, 2005

The Beer Links at the Right Margin & Miscellany

Most of these are breweries that I have some familiarity with or perhaps I have heard that their products are of good quality.

Mixed among them are also a few websites of collecting organizations and beer enthusiasts.

Above all else, please enjoy in moderation.

Most of the beers discussed on this blog are meant to be savored during quiet times, during conversation with friends, but are not really meant to be "slammed" by the six-pack during football games.

For these beers and ales, allowing them to warm to about 55 degrees F helps bring out the flavors. Strong, bitter stouts should be kept a little cooler, as sometimes warming makes them too bitter. A characteristic of stouts brewed in Athens, Georgia is that they are expresso stouts (brewed with coffee) and it gets really intense when warmed. Blind Man Expresso Stout (now defunct) was the first of these.

If you are not used to strong hop contents, perhaps avoid India Pale Ales and American Pale Ales. But if you are a "hophead" you would probably enjoy Tupper's Hop Pocket Ale or Sierra Nevada Pale Ale. Around here, on tap, Terrapin Rye Pale Ale and especially Terrapin Big Hoppy Monster are very hoppy and distinctive. Terrapin eventually hopes to build a brewery in Athens, Ga., but for now, their brands are contract-brewed in Frederick, Maryland.
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